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School-Traineeship organisation – a strategic choice for the EMF

Since 2005 the EMF has been committed in an important modification of its training structure.

From a « conventional and purely scholar » training with some workshop and classroom courses, it has evolved into a « modular» form. Some in-company traineeships were added as well as in-school projects for external customers.

Federal legal basis such as Ordinance on the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate has allowed this evolution.


Modular format

In 2005 the first modular vocational courses were successfully introduced for the computer scientists. Since then, the EMF has deployed this form of teaching in other professional sections and the system was fully implemented in 2003.

The modular system replaces a conventional weekly schedule systematically repeated throughout the year. Theory is taught during the modules but the emphasis is put on the development of operational skills. Two different modules are taught simultaneously changing six times a year. Each module contains a complete assessment of the required operational skills.

In case of failure, some remedial classes are organized and the apprentice can take the same assessment two more times after having been coached individually to prepare himself.


In-company traineeships

During two periods of 15-17 weeks, the apprentices may work at a host company where they are provided with the practical know-how, knowledge and skills needed in their profession. Numerous partner host companies welcome the apprentices, allow them to work on various projects and assist them professionally.

In-company traineeships may integrate a foreign language component (principally in a partner language : German, French or English). Each year the EMF inquires for funds (Erasmus+ project) to obtain the scholarships for the apprentices who wish to do their traineeships abroad. The EMF works with several partners to help to find traineeship vacancies.


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