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Integrated baccalaureate in 3 years

Organisation and courses distribution

The FVB1 courses that end on completion of the third year of studies give the opportunity of:

  • implementing training structure (school & traineeship)

  • shortening the apprenticeship for the highly-skilled students

This organisation model has the following classes distribution :

  • 1st year : 1.5 days per week

  • 2nd year : 1.5 days per week

  • 3rd year : 2 days per week



Interdisciplinary represents 10% of all the lessons which means that this important part of training must be carried out in a different form than the conventional course.

  • The interdisciplinary branch work (TIB) takes place during three winter semesters (S1+S3+S5) in theme weeks.

  • The interdisciplinary project (TIP) is in the program of the second semester of the third year (S6).

These two parts combined give the Interdisciplinary grade of the FVB.


FVB1 qualification procedure

The exams take place at the end of the third year. There are no anticipated exams.


MP1 3ans A