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Ecole des Métiers / Berufsfachschule

Technique / Technik

Chemin du Musée 2 

CH-1700 Fribourg

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History of the EMF – from 1896 till now - 120 years !

In 1895 according to the law on apprentices protection, vocational courses in Fribourg started to be subsidized. On the 14th and the 16th November 1895 talks were held between two state councillors Georges Python (education), Emile Savoy (home affairs) and Leon Genoud (director of cantonal museum of industry). On the 14 January 1986, « Ecole des Arts et Métiers de Fribourg » welcomed its first 14 apprentices. The EMF was born!

Development and expansion :

1930 : In order to meet the ever-growing needs of the school, a new building is inaugurated in October

1930. This building was designed by the architect Joseph TROLLER.

1989 : Separation of two schools. The university of applied sciences new premises project gives the EMF its autonomy and independence.

1992 : Creation of the FVB (Federal Vocational Baccalaureate)

1995 : IT technician certified FDVET training is created in Switzerland. The EMF creates an IT section for the school year 1996-1997.

2000 : Launching of the second IT section.

2003 : Creation of the General mechanics section that opens in Villaz-St-Pierre.

2007 : First abroad traneeships with the Association SOL - Swiss Occidental Leonardo.

2011 : New building "Eisenherz". L'EMF moves in during the summer.

2015 : New Federal Vocational Baccalaureate with various orientations.