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FVB1 – integrated Federal Vocational Baccalaureate

The federal vocational baccalaureate courses – orientation T – Technique – are proposed to all the apprentices of both EMF sections (Industry and IT) in its integrated form (FVB1).

During the first three years of studies, the EMF-Industry and IT students are grouped in mixed classes during several weekdays.

The students who were not promoted at the end of their first year in the integrated FVB1 program, must take the eCG (general culture) classes with specific expanded program in mathematics, German and English.

Professional sections of the EMF offer VET programs in French only. Thanks to its transversal position the FVB section proposes both French and Bilingual (French-German) courses. This possibility allows the German-speaking students to acquire communication skills in French and some French-speaking students to improve their skills in German.


Legal basis : Ordinance on the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (new release 2009)

One and only vocational baccalaureate with PEC (Common Training Framework) – unique but including all new different orientations

  • Focus on interdisciplinarity : the interdisciplinary work covers 10% of all the lessons of the FVB program. It includes interdisciplinary subject work (TIB) as well as interdisciplinary project (TIP)

  • New courses program : the FVB representing 1440 periods for the parallel to apprenticeship option, in the fundamental, specific and complementary subjects, takes into consideration the requirements of the UAS (University of applied sciences).

Technical orientation comprises the following subjects :


  • First national language

  • Second national language

  • Third language

  • Mathematics (fundamental)

Specific :

  • Mathematics (specific)

  • Natural sciences (physics and chemistry)

Complementary :

  • History and political institutions

  • Economics and law


Access to the Universities of applied sciences :

The Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB) certifies that the holder has the prerequisite knowledge and skills needed to attend a university of applied sciences. In accordance with the Federal Act on Universities of Applied Sciences (art.39, al.2) FVB holders have the right to enrol at any university of applied sciences without having to take an entrance examination (domain of their studies or similar).