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This section provides vocational training in three professions:

  • Automation technician – Certified FDVET

  • Electronics technician - Certified FDVET

  • Precision mechanic - Certified FDVET

FDVET - Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

This training lasts four years which are divided in two phases :

  • elementary training (two first years) with a partial examination

  • advanced training (two last years) finished by the final qualification procedure

The fourth year is fully dedicated to professional training. The two above-mentioned phases allow the students to integrate their basic training skills into professional environment activities.

  • During one semester each student has the opportunity of performing an in-company traineeship in local host companies or abroad.

  • The second semester is dedicated to different works for external customers or to internal school projects.

This professional experience is extremely beneficial taking into consideration the full-time « in-school » aspect of students’ apprenticeship and allows the students to face new challenges of the corporate environment or higher education.