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Sorry, but the document for admission is only available in French or German !


Conditions of admission

Completion of compulsory schooling with end-of-schooling certificate for the general (B or VSG) or pre-secondary section (A or VSB) is required.

A person who followed a different training track but who is fully aware of the challenges to face in the school-based VET program with the integrated FVB, may also take his/her chances and enroll.


Admission procedure

Enrollment form must be duly completed and sent back (including all the requested appendixes)

According to the grades obtained on completion of the second year of compulsory school (grades and assessments of the last year for the candidates in a different schooling track), the candidate is invited by the EMF to take an aptitude test during which:

  • he/she receives complementary information about the profession chosen as well as his/her future training program.

  • he/she takes an aptitude test (practical activity in the workshop)

  • he/she has an individual interview with the teacher and/or the responsible for the section

The candidate is convened by the EMF for the “Basic-check” test (paid by the EMF). The results are sent to the EMF and remain its property. However, the results may be purchased to be used for another purpose:

  • “Basic-check” or “Multi-check technique” can be performed individually prior to the convocation date

  • Enrollment fee is to be paid by the candidate

  • The results are sent directly to the candidate and remain his/her property

  • The results must be immediately communicated to the EMF

Former school grades, “Basic-check” and aptitude test results are determinant in the admission decision. Since the number of places is limited, a waiting list is established.

The candidates with different instruction track (the under-18s or adults) who accomplished their compulsory schooling must provide the school with their study certificates (college grades, apprenticeship, attestations or job certificates). The enrollment procedure is identical and the admission is possible in function of the vacancies available