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Ecole des Métiers / Berufsfachschule

Technique / Technik

Chemin du Musée 2 

CH-1700 Fribourg

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EMF - Ecole des Métiers / Vocational School - Fribourg

Our school provides initial vocational training leading to the Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in technical fields. Learners have the option of preparing for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB) during their training (FVB1).

Both certificates combined (VET and FVB1), in a full-time school track, allow the students to enroll in a Swiss university of applied sciences (UAS) without having to take an entrance examination.

In order to counterbalance full-time classroom instruction, the program integrates work-based training which completes the studies and ensures a smooth transition from the school to the labour market. Therefore, the training is organized in two distinctive phases : « school-based VET program » during the first three years and « traineeship» in the fourth year.

EMF includes two vocational sections : EMF-Industry and EMF-IT.

The third section EMF-Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB) offers the preparatory course for the FVB examination alongside the normal training regimen for the given VET program (FVB1) or the LCS (Language, Communication and Society) subjects to the EMF apprentices. This section also provides post-VET training to the students who have already completed their VET program (FVB2) in « Technique, Architecture and Natural Sciences » fields.

EMF promotes and supports students in their mobility projects (traineeships abroad) as well as their host companies.