Concepteur /trice en multimédia CFC

Multimedia Designer (CFC)

Multimedia designers are professionals in the field of visual communication. Based on assignments, they design digital and interactive communication projects and create messages and visuals, using a wide range of multimedia technologies.

Cours Préparatoire ECV

ECV Preparatory Class

ECV, part of the school of visual communication, provides a preparatory year in visual communication, arts and applied arts professions. The ECV aims to develop the visual, technical and cultural foundations necessary to pursue courses in these fields.

Professional Experience


eikonPRO is a professionalizing structure consisting of a series of workshops whose main goal is to widen students' professional and personal skills and allow them to gain hands-on artistic experience. A second goal is to give students an incentive by providing an environment in which to carry out projects that may be used for technological monitoring. eikonPRO is part of a comprehensive network of companies and specialists.