Concepteur /trice en multimédia CFC

Interactive Media Designer (CFC)

The Interactive Media Designers CFC are professionals in the field of visual communication. Taking into consideration customers' requirements, they develop creative concepts for the interactive digital communication means. Afterwards, they create relating contents such as design, functions and interactions.

Cours Préparatoire ECV

ECV Preparatory Class

ECV, part of the school of visual communication, provides a preparatory year in visual communication, arts and applied arts professions. The ECV aims to develop the visual, technical and cultural foundations necessary to pursue courses in these fields.

Professional Experience


eikonPRO is a professionalizing structure consisting of several phases in form of workshops. All the classes of four-year training take part in these workshops. The longest phase (3 months) involves mainly the fourth year students (and alternates with company internships).

eikonPRO is simultaneously a research laboratory in communication, a production unit as well as a competence pole. This structure allows the apprentices to share their experiences and master their skills.